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QweQweQ Kitchen Timer Pro is an easy-to-use ad-free timer application with up to four timers. It's ideal in the kitchen but can also be used for other timed jobs. For example, shorten your shower time, or, determine when glue has dried in your home-improvement project.

Setting the timer

Setting the timers is simply done by touching the timer on the screen and sliding it to the desired time. Times can be set from 1 second to 12 hours, with increasing intervals, good for both quick cooking or long bakings in the oven. You can also stop a timer, simply by scrolling it back to zero.

Photo feature

For each timer, you can take a picture of your pan or product. Simply click on the left of the timer to take a picture. The clickable area is highlighted each time you (re)start the application or return from the menu. After clicking, you will see a view from your camera and 3 buttons. Point your camera and press 'Take photo' to take a photo. Or, press the 'focus' button to improve the sharpness (if supported by your camera). To remove the current photo press 'No photo'. You can also press the back-button of your device to cancel.

Locking feature

Each timer can be locked. If a timer has a lock, then you can set the timer, but it will not start until it is unlocked. The lock's clickable area is highlighted each time you (re)start the application or return from the menu. There are two sorts of locks:
Touch lock Simply touch the lock to start the timer. You can use this to preset the time and start after, for example, adding an ingredient to your pan.
Auto-unlock lock This lock automatically unlocks if the timer above reaches 0s. You can use it when adding multiple ingredients to a pan, or for timing multiple jobs of the same interval (for example to fairly time multiple children playing on your tablet). This lock is available to the second, third, and fourth timer.
kitchen timer pro

Options menu

Press the menu button of your device to enter the options menu. On most phones, this is a physical button with 3 horizontal lines or the text 'menu' on it. Some phones and tablets have an on-screen softbutton on the bottom or top of the screen with a 3-line icon or with 3 dots above each other. On yet other devices, the menu can be entered by long-pressing the multitask button, which has an icon with layered squares.

In the options screen, you can:
  • Enter the about-screen, which shows some background info and credits.
  • Adjust the number of timers. You cannot remove timers that are currently running. If you remove a timer with a photo, the photo is gone.
  • Enable or disable the ticking sound. The volume of the ticking sound can be changed with the volume button of your phone
  • Change the ring volume. You can also click on the volume to test the loudness. Be careful, the kitchen timer also rings if you set your phone to mute!
  • Select a background. You can choose from over 40 backgrounds. Most background art is created by photographers from
  • If only one timer is enabled, you can see it in 3D mode.
  • If you don't like the screen to turn off while cooking, enable Keep screen on.
  • With the keep-screen-on set, the screen will still dim to save power. To prevent this, also disable Screen may be dimmed.

Buy and install

You can buy and install QweQweQ Kitchen Timer Pro using Google Play, either online, or from your android device.


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